Monday, September 28, 2015

An average day

We started the day with life size printouts of human skeletons., talked a bit about the skeletal system, colored and labeled bones. Saule also did a dog skeleton and linked similar bones between the two species. Dogs have no clavicle! 

Ula worked hard of her gross motor skill development ;)

We set up on the rail trestle bridge for a while, read our history book (Story of the World) which we all enjoy. We did the map work and coloring pages associated with that chapter, and read a few childrens books.  

Saule and Ursa donated the books to the community library mini-fridge, and we had a snack (humus and carrot sticks)

We visited with the horses on our neighboring farm for a while on our walk home. 

Ula thought that the horse was neat.

We found this beautiful Banded Garden Spider roadside, and took pictures to identify her (which we did later at home).

Pappy stopped over for lunch and did a puzzle with the girls that is a map of Lithuania. 

Saule did some workbook, Ula had some naked tummy time, and Ursa and I played doll dentist. 

Doll dentist.

Hanging out together. 

Nap time for Ursa and Ula

Saule created a kitty riding on a butterfly that is flying in a snow storm of winter (they are wearing jackets).

Sherbert snack and math comic book (Beast Academy) 

Snuggle time while mom makes dinner

Playground time after dinner

Playground with friends

BMX practice with friends until 9:30pm. :)