Tuesday, June 7, 2016

This is a public service announcement. There are only 12 days of spring left. Get it while it lasts. We decided that todays lesson would be "Don't sit through a boring lesson on a nice day.Life is too short". 


So we found a forest, room to run, and plenty of space to giggle!

Dont forget the dog

My point of view, most of the time

We called our on call Pappy to join us

Found a nice muddy spot

Shared some mud

Love that mud

Because this is what June 7th should look like

And dont forget, at the end of the day the mud washes off, but the dreamy day will linger.......

So if you are still here, dont forget, tomorrow is June 8th. Spend it OUTSIDE

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A different kind of "Cake Smash" Ula Bird Turns 1

We let Ula "bake" her own cake, since we figured she would enjoy that most.  

First she inspected all her tools and ingredients 

Vanilla.....a bottle in a box....interesting.....

Lots of cool stuff here

Lets pile it all up....

It was just like watching the cooking channel...well kinda....

Holy cow! There are eggs in this box!

These are the real deal!

lets try.....

Can you believe this?! Its a real egg!
Lets try mixing

Kool aid? 

This is fantastic!

Putting all the eggs in the pot.

Take them all out again. 

A touch more sugar, and its done! Yum! (dont worry Birdie, we might have another cake in the oven,...)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Assateague Island National Seashore

We took Boris on his maiden voyage, to Assateague Island national seashore this past weekend. It was a beautiful overcast and off season time to go, no people, lots of ponies, perfect. We celebrated Ula Birds 1st birthday at the beach. I highly recommend the trip at this time of year. 

Boris is still in the construction stages, but it was great fun to try out our new ride. The kids loved it. 


The birthday girl!

Saule of the dunes

Ula loved having a look at the crabs and  othe beach flotsam. 

She thought Tete might like an even closer look at this blue crab!

Saule spent a bunch of time exploring the Eel grass beds, searching for the elusive sea horse....

Boris playing hide and seek.