Monday, January 31, 2011

Saules breakfast house tour

Having berries for breakfast


New couch


playing babies

My clothes

My shoes.

Our bed.

Danish unknowns.

It seems like when ever I move someplace new there are lots of new things to learn. Language is the most obvious and I admit I have done little to learn any Danish yet. Its just that between my ongoing Lithuanian project, and Danish words like "Speciallægepraksisplanlægningsstabiliseringsperiode" and "Konstantinopolitanerinde" which are real words (some how It seems like allot of Danish sounds like that) I haven't found the motivation yet. Although I am sure after a few outings in the city I will find motivation enough.....

So here it is, the start of my strange Danish stuff thread. I am sure all of these things have very useful purposes, I'm just not really sure what they are. Maybe you know? Most were found in the kitchen.
Really sleek Tupperware?

This one really has me guessing. 

Bug zapper? Kept in the kitchen....

OK- please help me make some sense of these oven controls. 

One of our cook books. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Denmark Day 1

Best discovery of the day:

On our trip to the shop today I discovered the most affordable cheese on the shelf is double creme french brie, at $4 per pound. Oh BOY! Saule had mac and cheese with brie for dinner and loved it. I just had brie on "Viking" brand bread (which by the way taste how you would imagine). Its 1A.M. and we are all still wired on NY time . Pollo starts school in the morning.

Worst discovery of the day:
A forth floor walk up in Denmark is a fifth floor walk up in NY.  Don't forget floor #0 is ground level. But don't worry, this solves any potential problems caused by excess brie consumption.

 My favorite quote of the day "What one lacks in brains they make up for in muscle."
(Our landlady forgot the contract in our apartment and had to come back up to get it- its a fifth floor walk up)

Coming soon, a name that strange Danish appliance thread. Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"I am flying!"

Saule loved flying this time. She really got excited starting about a month ago, and was looking forward to it. She told us over and over she was excited. When we got on the run way and started to move, she put her hands in the air and yelled "I am flying! HERE WE GO! YIPPIE!"

Our flight was booked with Iceland Express which turned out to be a true budget airline. The only thing you can get for free in flight, is ice. There is a $2.50 charge for a small (tiny) bottle of water. They also had an in flight movie available to rent- in Icelandic language. There were several duty free offers from the sky mall including a single toast with a single slice of smoked lamb for $7.90. Luckily we had a sub at the airport and packed lots of snacks for Saule.

They do have really flexible flight terms though, and they didnt balk at our huge excess in luggage. So I guess I cant really complain. 

As far as Saule was concerned, we were flying first class! She had her OWN window, her OWN ticket, and all kinds of special treats and toys. She watched "Dora" on Tete's computer and fell asleep. She slept through Iceland and woke up in our final decent into Copenhagen.

Tomorrow we move into our new flat.

Friday, January 7, 2011

String your Cheerios

If you string up cheerios (and raisins If you use a needle) you can control how many end up on the back seat of the car, or all over the floor where ever you are. Oh yeah, and its a good way to work on fine motor development. And it looks cute. Oh look here someone else is doing it too.

Follow Up Post: Reasons why I LOVE my computer

In response to accusations following my new years resolution post that I "dont like technology", I am here this evening in defence on my MacBook. The virtual umbilical cord that attaches me to my trusty old beat up 'puter is there for lots of great reasons. I shall list a few in case anyone was thinking I was turning into a complete Luddite.

1. My yoga class. Its held on most every night, any time I choose. That means after Saule falls asleep. I like this one in particular-

2. Endless research such as looking for new art projects, collecting information, inspiration, and knowledge. The last few things on my research list have been window box herbs good in low light, lamb BBQ recipe, best kids bike seat, and everglades camping.

3. Music. Saule and I listen to endless  music from around the world, including Lithuania. We also like harps and kids Handplays. If you don't know how to download it (like me) you can just stream other peoples playlists off

4. Dance. Saule and I are experimenting with all types of African dance, ballet, interpretive, tango,  traditional Balinese you name it. The key to this is you have to dance along with them.

Here are some sellections Saule enjoys from Youtube:
Bagpipe, Didgeridoo, Belly dancers, drumers!
Pendet Dance- Kids from Bali 
Massai Dance
Vomaseve Dance Mix

5. Phone calls. We can talk for free over the Internet. Saule gets to speak Lithuanian to all her family and friends overseas WITH video which means she knows every face!

6. Finding local (and not so local) events ranging from festivals to story time at the library.

I am sure there are lots of other things I use my computer for. Maybe those give you a few ideas of fun things to do with yours. Have one to share with me? Please send it!

Parenting Resources I like

I loved being pregnant, I had an empowering and pain free all natural birth, and now with Saule at 2.5 I love being a mom.  I say that with 100% honesty.  I think allot of that experience has been shaped by the books I've been able to get my hands on.

Here is a list of resources I really benefited from reading.

Pregnancy and Birth;
This is a MUST in my mind, its a web page, forum, and magazine all 3 of which have provided me with endless support, information, and entertainment. The forum is a great place to get instant feedback and friendship- it is very active.  This is a pregnancy through adulthood resource. 

 "The Business Of Being Born" 
 "The film interlaces intimate birth stories with surprising historical, political and scientific insights and shocking statistics about the current maternity care system...Should most births be viewed as a natural life process, or should every delivery be treated as a potentially catastrophic medical emergency?"

This is a self hypnosis and relaxation book and CD that was awesome for helping me chill out during pregnancy and labor. This is also a great skill to practice for everyday life! Pollo and I did this together.

The Bradley Method Of Childbirth
This is focused heavily on husband/partner in birth and birth preperation.


Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by La Leche League International
Is a wonderful web page devoted to all things nursing. If you have a question the answer if here. 
This one most people know, but just in case you forgot here it is again.


Becoming the parent you want to be
By Laura Davis and Janis Keyser

Dr. Sears

Attachment Parenting Theory 

 The Continuum Concept 
 This is a really interesting theroy about human nature, parenting, and evolution. It is a must in my book, as it brings some really important things to light. The author defiantly has a strong opinion.

Playful Parenting By Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D.

Unconditional Parenting By Alfie Kohn

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year New Post

Looking back at my last post in March 10 months ago not to much has changed. I still don't have to much time for blogging, although the time I used to spend on diapers is now spent with potty breaks, or dancing, or changing a dolls diaper, or just playing more in general.
Saule is more and more independent, today she put her shoes on all alone, on the correct feet and was very proud. She also fully undressed herself at bedtime, which made her happy since that has always been her favorite outfit (nothing that is :). Its been a year of small yet important milestones like that. She knows her alphabet now, and her numbers, and most common bird species, and endless songs, and how to build a snowman. She is a wealth of knowledge and curiosity, and light, and love.
Pollo has re-found his passion for learning in a more academic setting, and is about to start his masters program in Copenhagen, Denmark. Along with that news comes news of our families next move, and the next chapter in the Adventures of Chicolini and company. Bon Voyage USA hello everything Danish!
So for the year of the Rabbit, I thought a few Resolutions were in order:
#1. I will wean myself off the mindless time suck called "facebook" (where I can peruse endless baby pictures of people I hardly know, read everything about every ones hangover and workout and new car and have almost no meaningful interactions at all). Hence forth if you want me to know what you are doing at 2am, send me an email.
#2. Blog. Blogging provides a forum for MEANINGFUL exchange of feelings and ideas. If you care to join in my facebook revolution, I would love to read your blog as well.
#3. Spend less overall time with the computer turned on. Did you know that I probably haven't turned off my computer in the past 8 weeks? DAY AND NIGHT. That's not to say I use it all the time- Its just always there. I walk past and scan the screen for new emails or facebook probably once an hour. Hence forth I am limiting my computer time (I don't do phone or TV at all anymore).