Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting started!

Hey everybody! Here we go with our very first blog!

2 summers ago in p-town, on a night like this, cold and dreary,  Pollo arrived at my door, the unexpected roommate who was to sleep in the hallway to the bathroom for the rest of the summer (behind a sheet that is). It was friendship right away, but I don't think either of us fully understood the real meaning of this 1 in a million chance. A year later we shared the stuffy yet romantic attic closet for the summer, and this time he brought along a group of friends who (unbeknownst to us) would soon become our wedding party.

We ended the summer with a exploration of America's deep south, a near tragic mountain biking accident, and a plan to not spend another winter at opposite ends of the earth.

Pollo left in September and soon found us a great little apartment in Vilnius downtown, where we spent the winter. Although it may not seem the ideal winter vacation spot, we enjoyed lots of time going out with friends, and staying in with each other on blustery Sunday afternoons. We mastered the art of banana bread and tortilla making, and watched endless BBC nature shows.

In November we went backpacking in North Africa (Morocco, Western Sahara, and Mauritania) and shortly after we were married on the hill in Vilnius. We spent our honey-moon in Italy, and then back again to Lithuania. Chicolini the great joined us shortly after and has been traveling along with me ever since, Due to make his grand out-of belly arrival Labor day weekend this year.

This spring I came home to the USA to spend a little time here while Pollo finished up his thesis. It was really was a beautiful spring here, and it was great to be at home with my family for a long over due visit. We built a new chicken coup, put in hundreds of feet of fencing, and started a small dairy goat operation (more to come on that later). Today Pollo finished his thesis and I for one will be happy to un-twist his hair and throw his computer down the well!

Now for the most exciting part! We are off to Costa Rica next week, the 16th of June for our long awaited rendezvous. Chicolini and I have grown significantly in the past few weeks and I cant wait to sport my new Homer Simpson costume on the beaches of Central America.

Homeland security has Pollo's green card application and they need it to ballast their war ships until sometime in the fall/winter- so we are taking my economic stimulus check and having our baby in a tropical paradise. You know what they say "When they give you lemons, make lemon-aid." and you all know that lemon-aid is my favorite drink :) Don't worry, I plan to be home in time to vote.

So only 12 days till we fly. We will spend the summer on a grand tour of all the best beaches and rain forest and thanks to mom's ease dropping in Target’s maternity section, we have a lovely 2 bedroom house with hammocks awaiting us for the grand event.

So, stay tuned folks- much exciting news to come in the next few weeks!


uGas said...

Cool :) Have a good time in CR :) Hope to see you as soon as it is possible.. =)

shmikioonas said...

nice story;] wish you both great summer and don't forget who's the godfather;]

Anonymous said...

nice i love your story