Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter days

The winter days may be dark and gray, but there is no doubt spring is on its way! We ordered a bunch of vegi-seeds and planing on getting a big crop in this spring. We got some really nice heirlooms like the "early Wonder Beet" and "Kentucky Wonder bean" and "Moon and Start Watermelon". Last year I only had time to get the seedlings in the ground and i didn"t get to see the through the season, although there was still some boccoli waiting for me in November. We hope to be in NY around April, to move into our new CABIN! Hopefully we will be able to get everything in the ground it time- of course we will have lots of help from Saule by then I'm sure...

Yippie! Everybody has been helping get it ready for our arrival, working on the yard, the goats, the house- Its been like an old fashioned bard raising, sadly not all together but same idea. We still have lots of projects to complete, but its livable, and we are really looking forward to giving it our final touches.

The goats are all due to kid some time around april/may, so there is going to be lots and lots going on at home. We are planning a goat roast for some time in the early summer and hope everyone can come! bring your drums, whistles, kazoos, fireworks, and tents. more on that later.

Any way for now we have been really enjoying our time here together. Pollo's mother cooks up delicious feasts every sunday. We spend lots of time with each other, and took really nice hike out to a castle and lake near here this past weekend. My latest projects are homemade ginger ale, fudge, and sour kraut! Which i fermented for about a month and turned out great! yum yum....

I do miss our days in Central where we would sip juice and lay around with naked baby, but living here inside the towers and walls of a medieval castle is pretty nice as well.

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