Sunday, May 22, 2016

Assateague Island National Seashore

We took Boris on his maiden voyage, to Assateague Island national seashore this past weekend. It was a beautiful overcast and off season time to go, no people, lots of ponies, perfect. We celebrated Ula Birds 1st birthday at the beach. I highly recommend the trip at this time of year. 

Boris is still in the construction stages, but it was great fun to try out our new ride. The kids loved it. 


The birthday girl!

Saule of the dunes

Ula loved having a look at the crabs and  othe beach flotsam. 

She thought Tete might like an even closer look at this blue crab!

Saule spent a bunch of time exploring the Eel grass beds, searching for the elusive sea horse....

Boris playing hide and seek.

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Thom Schwarz said...

I think I either like the shot of Boris playing hide and seek, or Ula showing Tete a crab close up, very close! What great fun.