Thursday, May 26, 2016

A different kind of "Cake Smash" Ula Bird Turns 1

We let Ula "bake" her own cake, since we figured she would enjoy that most.  

First she inspected all her tools and ingredients 

Vanilla.....a bottle in a box....interesting.....

Lots of cool stuff here

Lets pile it all up....

It was just like watching the cooking channel...well kinda....

Holy cow! There are eggs in this box!

These are the real deal!

lets try.....

Can you believe this?! Its a real egg!
Lets try mixing

Kool aid? 

This is fantastic!

Putting all the eggs in the pot.

Take them all out again. 

A touch more sugar, and its done! Yum! (dont worry Birdie, we might have another cake in the oven,...)

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