Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Granada Update

hey everybody! Its been a few days since our last update, I wont go into all the details of every museum and church we have visited in the last week, but here are some of the highlights.

I left off some place around my birthday and Leon. We celebrated Pollos birthday in Leon, ice cream for breakfast and a day at the beach. He swam in the Pacific for the first time, the waves were perfect and we rolled around for a while. Later on we found a tiki hut selling beers, and we sat and laughed and read together. It was a really nice afternoon. The bus ride home was a fun one, through a huge thunder and lighting storm. It cooled off a little bit, and we enjoyed watching all the locals running to get on board in the pouring rain, it was almost like a party inside. We had a nice dinner that night, and watched a few episodes of CSI on the Green machine. Next birthday on the list is Chicolinis!

A funny story of late. Fast forward, we move to Granada and are looking for a place to stay. As usual we check the book and it gives a few names of places they recommend. One is close to the bus station and sounds nice so we go, down the crowded market street with all our stuff. There is an elderly couple running the place who were nice, and room looked, upon a brief inspection passable. It wasn't until later that night as we climbed onto the bed that we realized the horrors the night would bring. What had appeared to be a normal bed was actually a 18th century torture devise salvaged from the depths of Sing Sing. The sheets were probably clean....5 or 10 years ago, but the endless sensation that something was crawling on us in the night kept us both awake, that and the fact that the spring had long since surpassed the stuffing in a softness rating. We woke up sometime around 3am in a state of silliness for the frustaion of trying to keep the thread bare sheet between our sweat soaked bodies and the bed.

Needless to say we moved hotels the next morning and found a much nicer place, with a pool and you wont believe this next part, AIR CONDITIONING! As we left the Happiness hotel, we peered into the other rooms, which all seemed nice, neat, tidy, how we got so lucky with our room im not really sure.

Fast forward again a few days later we are walking past the same hovel we stayed in the first night and what do we see? Our bed! The unmistakable stained mattress and box spring with its wooden feet pointing up to the sky like a dead dog were laying on the back of a wooden horse cart in the street. Its seems the entire hotel was in the process of getting new beds and our nights stay was one of the last before the bed from hell was moved to its next location, probably some place just up the block. Pollo remarked he hoped the horse didn't catch the bugs that we did in route, which was a good point because the poor thing didn't look like he could stand to loose much blood. Any way we snapped a picture to remember the night by, and I must post it here for you all to see. To be forever remembered as the WORST BED IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!

Since then we spent a very nice time at Laguna de Apoyo, where we swam in the crystal clear waters, and took kayaks out around the lake. Pollo would have beaten me in our race as he has been training his biceps caring all our stuff around for the past month,sadly however he lost points for falling over board and i took the lead. It was very fun to watch him try and climb back onto his over turned kayak in the middle of the lake.

We are now back in Granada, sitting poolside and having a day of relaxation. yesterday we had a hot and dusty outting to the nearby town of Masaya and tomorrow we will be attempting to climb the volcano Mombacho. After that we will head down the coast to the beach for a few days and back into Costa Rica.

Hope you guys are all happy and healthy. Miss you all.

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