Monday, July 28, 2008

San Juan Del Sur

Just a short post to keep you all updated. We made it back to the beach, this time we are in Nicaragua's south eastern most corner in San Juan Del Sur, a horse shoe shaped bay surrounded by surfing beaches on all sides. Pollo took a surf lesson today and was up and standing on his first attempt. It must be all those hours practising balancing on the unicycle. The water was beautiful, the sand was hot, the beach was clean and aside from a few other surfers completely empty. He is going to rent a board again tomorrow, i will further perfect my tan and the highlights in my now very short and unruly hair. You though it looked crazy before!

yesterday we visited another beach just north of here. Pollo found a nice shade tree and read for a while, and i collected a beautiful pallet of shells, purples and pinks and tiger colours. We both sat in the tidal pools for a while which here almost like hot tubs in the sun. I was amazing that the tiny florescent fishes could survive in that heat. They nibbled on our legs "cleaning" us which was very cute and felt like a spa treatment.

Later we had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and discovered the only animals that seem to be more attracted to peanut butter than pollo and my dad are hermit crabs! Yes they came flocking from miles around like a mass migration to get at the stick we had used to spread the liquid gold on our bread with. We watched as more and more and more came, and even some other tourists stopped to record the moment on their video cameras. Very interesting, and we have no idea how they knew from so far away where the stuff was. At one point we turned around to find them trying to get inside the bag where the jar was kept!

What else, hum..... not to much going on here really. Just lazy days at the beach for now. Thursday we head back to Costa Rica with ALL of our stuff which is now quite allot, to wait the arrival of Chicolini the great!

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