Monday, March 1, 2010

Dont blink things are moving to fast

Saule is growing like a weed. Every time I blink, or look away for a second it seems like she rockets forward with leaps like a little bullfrog! 

So the reality is, for me, blogging just takes up to much time. Seems these days that by the end of the day, after all the naps and nursing, and diapers, and chores, i almost cant stand to do anything except lay in bed and have more Saule time! I mean, what is better that laying cuddled up next to the sweetest smelling little love bundle in the world? Well, the nights when pollo is off are better, because then im surrounded! With Grike at my feet and my 2 humans on both sides, I can sleep all the way till saule starts pulling my eye lids open at 6am!

The truth of the matter is, im basking in the full glory of toddler hood- or toddler hood mothering i guess. And part of that is the ultimate satisfaction of run-ragged-ness we feel by the end of the day. 

So a short post, with no promises of when the next on will be, just to record even for my self, this moment. 

This week she started taking this talking stuff seriously, and has used to many new words to count. She is speaking in both Lithuanian and English, understands both. She runs full speed around the house and her favorite game is jumping off the couch onto the bed.  She knows all her body parts, colors, it seems like she fully understands most everything we say. 

Thats all for now. Time to climb in bed with the little Miss and wait for tete to get home from work.  

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