Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year New Post

Looking back at my last post in March 10 months ago not to much has changed. I still don't have to much time for blogging, although the time I used to spend on diapers is now spent with potty breaks, or dancing, or changing a dolls diaper, or just playing more in general.
Saule is more and more independent, today she put her shoes on all alone, on the correct feet and was very proud. She also fully undressed herself at bedtime, which made her happy since that has always been her favorite outfit (nothing that is :). Its been a year of small yet important milestones like that. She knows her alphabet now, and her numbers, and most common bird species, and endless songs, and how to build a snowman. She is a wealth of knowledge and curiosity, and light, and love.
Pollo has re-found his passion for learning in a more academic setting, and is about to start his masters program in Copenhagen, Denmark. Along with that news comes news of our families next move, and the next chapter in the Adventures of Chicolini and company. Bon Voyage USA hello everything Danish!
So for the year of the Rabbit, I thought a few Resolutions were in order:
#1. I will wean myself off the mindless time suck called "facebook" (where I can peruse endless baby pictures of people I hardly know, read everything about every ones hangover and workout and new car and have almost no meaningful interactions at all). Hence forth if you want me to know what you are doing at 2am, send me an email.
#2. Blog. Blogging provides a forum for MEANINGFUL exchange of feelings and ideas. If you care to join in my facebook revolution, I would love to read your blog as well.
#3. Spend less overall time with the computer turned on. Did you know that I probably haven't turned off my computer in the past 8 weeks? DAY AND NIGHT. That's not to say I use it all the time- Its just always there. I walk past and scan the screen for new emails or facebook probably once an hour. Hence forth I am limiting my computer time (I don't do phone or TV at all anymore).

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