Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb. Weekend

This weekend was off to a slow start when Saule didn't feel well on Friday. I decided to give up the day  and give her exactly what she needed and wanted and needed to heal herself- which mainly consisted of nursing and watching Dora on the couch. Worked like a charm.

Shes was up and running Sat. morning again. We adventured out into the city to the Danish National Museum, which has a children's museum inside. I joked to Pollo it should be called "A Viking Lost in Pakistan" because it seemed like there was as much of a focus on Pakistani culture and life as there was Danish. It was cool to see what a Pakistani shop sells, and to dress up in their traditional clothing, and to visit a traditional home. There were lots of toys and hands on activities for Saule, and even one or two small exhibits about Danish heritage like a really neat Viking boat complete with fishing rods and "fish". The particular area where we live in Copenhagen is called Amager, and there seem to be allot of Islamic people (and all kinds of foreigners for that matter) living here. This paper has some interesting information on immigration to Denmark by various groups. Sometimes it feels more diverse here than in NY. Well maybe not that diverse....

We also walked across the street to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek which was free today (because its Sunday). The best part for us this time was the huge center hall with the glass dome roof, filled with tropical trees and plant. We all enjoyed the green living surroundings on this dreary cold day. 

This sculpture and fish pool was at the center of the hall, and Saule loved the nursing babies and fish. The rest of the museum, or what we saw of it, was interesting. Rooms and rooms full of roman sculptures, or pieces of them rather. There was an entire wall of just noses and ears that has been broken from faces. At least 2 rooms were severed/broken heads. Saule had fun playing the "Whats this guy missing?" game. 

We celebrated Saules 2.5 year old birthday. Because who needs an excuse to eat cake?

We went to the beach early on Sat morning which is very close to our home. There were scuba divers, kayaks, dogs swimming, children playing, a snack cart. It was also well below freezing and very windy. Danes have a saying "There is no bad weather, just poor clothing.", Next time I'll wear more clothes.

Pollo and Saule share a special selection of games that only they play. Its their secret world. He is her "Benny the bull"- he can fix anything, is super  human in strength, and always ready to share a snack.  

Pony rides.

This is Saule's funny face. Enjoy. 

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