Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jægersborg Dyrehave

We took advantage of the free train on Sunday (the first Sunday of every month the shops are open and trains are free) and got out of Copenhagen to Dyrehaven or "The Deer Garden".

They are supplementing the deers diet by providing hay and sugar beets around this old bar, which was dated 1890. 

 Its was a dark and stormy sort of day (aren't they all?), perfect for wandering through the old woods in search of the 300 Red Deer, 1600 Fallow Deer and 100 Sika Deer who live there. The trees were huge old Oaks covered in green moss and algae. They lined the old muddy roads that wind throughout the park giving it a very medieval feel. Saule really enjoyed climbing the trees knobby roots and trunks. 

We rode our bikes onto the train so we could ride around the park when we got there- which really was a good idea since the park is huge (~7 square miles) and the roads are VERY muddy. Next time we know to wear our play clothes. Its also worth adding (for any one reading this who is considering taking the trip) that there was no train that goes all the way to the park (even though it has a station), we were let off in the stop 1 town away and road our bikes the rest of the way. 

We intend to go again next month- because by my calculations they should have lots of little babies in tow by then. Its the perfect place to pack a picnic and sit for an afternoon. The deer are shy, but some will let you get very close if you approach slowly and respectfully.


Bethany and Will said...

Love Love the pics :-) What is your favorite Danish food so far?

tinygreenfrog said...

Danish pastry of course! I admit I haven't eaten out yet so my review of the food isn't ready yet :) But a sweet little fluffy Danish covered in chocolate caught my eye the other day and BOY was it good with a latte. Saule says her jelly filled one was great too.


So what should I try!? Give me some tips!