Thursday, March 31, 2011

New transport and new fuel.

Saule can almost always be talked into eating rice and beans. Its really fun to play with the colors and make different patterns.  This morning for breakfast we talked about things being balanced, and made a yin-yang rice and beans. YUM! Another great recipe I tried recently was beet chocolate cake- I modified this recipe, I didn't use the full sugar and I used cocoa powder rather than bakers chocolate. It was for Pollo and myself, and so far as chocolate cakes go it was very moist and yummy!

This is my experimental recipe, and boy is it good! A bowl of garlic mash potatoes, make a well in the center and put a raw egg in, bake it till the egg is cooked to your liking. Melt cheese on top. When it comes out hot make a salad on top, I used our home grown sprouts, tomatoes, yellow pepper, onion, olive, and a hot pickled pepper.  Top with plenty of dressing (I used pressed raw garlic, crack black pepper flake, olive oil, apple cider vinegar) Enjoy! The soft hot at the bottom and the cool crunchy on top is divine!

This is Saule's version, she didn't want any of the sprouts, and she prefers black olives.                                  

Here is our new family vehicle. Since we arrived here 2 months ago we have taken Saule all over the city and she stay snug as a bug in her little enclosed space. She brings snacks, books, and toys, and has blankets and pillows inside. Sometimes she prefers just to watch the world go by. I go a minimum of about 6 miles a day, usually about double that when I go to the pool and zoo. It feels easy since its fairly flat here in Copenhagen and there is always a bike lane. The pressure to go faster is always on when little old ladies and women in high heals zoom past.  My hope is I will be in good enough shape to do the same miles plus hills in the USA when we get back.  That would mean we only need to use a car for long trips.

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