Monday, March 28, 2011

Saules Garden and other Projects

WeI have started to expand our garden past sprouts- which we do non-stop now with much success. We have had success with Arugula and Lettuce in window boxes. We made the boxes from cardboard boxes which we cut and lined with plastic, then decorated.  I have also had fun re-growing Romaine lettuce stumps, you can get seemingly endless leaves out of one stump. 

This is a woven hanging nest we found at the zoo in their compost pile.  We brought it home and talked allot about different kinds of nests. Online we were able to watch birds building all types of nests, and looked at variations in eggs. After all we brought a branch home and re-attached the nest, hung the branch from the top of our book shelf, and made paper leaves (which gave us a chance to talk about tree parts again). We made a tiny baby bird from a cotton ball with googley eyes. 

Saule is an expert with puzzles- and loves to hide the last piece. She has several puzzles that we do daily- all of which are missing the last piece (the last piece to them all is hidden in her bunny cave under the couch :) 

This is our Brontosaurus. Saule has another imaginary Orange dinosaur named Pepe who sleeps on our couch.  Don't worry- they both are herbivores. 

Here is the view out our front window. We have lots of animals  right now amongst our panting projects. 

This is one of our first pea sprouts- it's about 6" high now- I read in several papers online that peas can do well with a long photoperiod in low light conditions. In the meantime we are enjoying the greenery.  Right now we get 13hours of daylight which will increase to 17.5 hours of daylight by June,  but our windows only get about 1/2 a day direct sun.

Our second crop of Arugula.

Saule's art

Sun Flower

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Bethany and Will said...

I absolutely LOVE what you and Saule Poppy are doing with your beautiful apartment. All you art projects and garden projects are fantastic!
Love you guys miss you guys!