Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Awkward pregnancy photos

After seeing this and this  blog post and laughing so hard,  I thought to myself "yeah, I should make some that funny". Only then was it that I looked back at my pregnancy photos from Saule and realized "THEY WERE THAT FUNNY!" Ok maybe not quite that funny, but very funny. At least I can laugh when I look back at my monster belly. I hope I get such quality shots again this time....

Here are a few of my favorites-

Oh yeah....i'm going to eat this entire melon with my eyes closed.

Cue "Bay Watch" theme song....

"Do these cows make my butt look big?"

"Yeah, take the belly pictures right here honey- with this cart of onions and all the trash. make sure you can see the busses in the background."

This is the pregnant swamp thing.

"Can I offer you a light snack? No? Suits me fine I'll eat it all myself."

Melons.  Every pregnancy photo should feature a melon. 

Im not sure which part of this I like best- the look on Pollo's face or the fact I felt the need to lift up my shirt....nice background though....

Dont just sit there! Strike a silly pose! Show up your pits! Linea  negra! crazy hair!

Its almost like Eve playing peek-a-boo. 

And save the best for last- taken just hours before I went into labor--- Kung-foo Panda!

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Bethany and Will said...

You still look beautiful in every one! xoxo