Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Update from summer 2011

Well here we are again, entering the season of cold weather and blogging. Lots has happened since my last post. We had a fantastic summer traveling around the North East USA. We took all back roads and  discovered some really nice places in N.H. and Maine. Much of our camping was in free spaces in really neat little hidden camping areas. We really enjoyed the trip, the nature was fantastic even if we never did see a moose for all our searching! Saule says we just looked in all the wrong places....
Here we are at home visiting NanaPappy. Really we didnt have to go any further then the backyard to find really beautiful nature. We all had a great time over the forth of july weekend at the local parade in Hyde Park. We spent a few really nice days at the local swimming hole, and saw some lawn concerts that were allot of fun. Mussels, corn on the cob, real fresh tomatoes, icecream- it was everything a summer should be! 

Saule and Noah her doll really enjoyed cooling off at the swimming hole . 

Auntie Lina was working at Cape Cod this summer- the place where Pollo and I met. We had a really great visit with her, and as always her and Saule got an incurable case of the giggles. 

It didn't take much driving to feel like we had entered the wacky America we both were missing. We explored covered bridges, giant chairs, and lots of great people watching.

Hours of moose hunting and still no moose. But we sure did have a fantastic time sitting in the wilderness watcing the world go by. This marshland was home to a family of wood ducks.

Bath time in the morning. More moose tracks and still no moose!  This was N.H. free camping at its best.

We pushed the volvo to its limits up Mt. Washington. It was really interesting to watch the change in habitats on the way up the mountain. Saule wasnt a fan of the weather at the top. 

Tide pooling in Maine. 

We spent a week in Acadia camping and hiking. 

More hiking

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When we  made it back to Denmark the weather here was still nice and we were able to have a few really fun days out. This is in the Deer Park that we had visited the last winter. 

Saule the scientist. 

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