Saturday, February 9, 2013

Arctic ring at the Copenhagen zoo!

The Arctic ring complex opened at the Copenhagen zoo this past week and we had a couple of really nice trips so far. Saule was very excited to see the new Puffin chicks that were hatched here at the zoo, after the eggs were collected in the Faroe Islands. 

 The Polar bears seem allot more active in their new home. We observed them wrestling and playing in the water, and fighting over a horse head!  They now have a very large swimming area where you can see them drive, and get a better understanding for how comfortable they really are in the water.

No trip to the zoo is complete with out a picnic basket! The Arctic ring has a large indoor section that is heated, so you are able to undress, sit down, and really take in some quality time with the animals.

 There are plenty of Arctic related lesson plans for all ages online but here are a few we found:

Arctic worksheets and other activities-
Arctic map
Arctic Maze
Connect the dots
Polar bear info
Puffin info and games

The zoo also has some very educational and interesting new exhibits worth exploring. Its best to go when its quiet (midweek) so you can really enjoy it all.

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