Sunday, April 7, 2013

Playground Yoga

We had a really nice afternoon at the park today. The kids and I played for a while in the sun and sand. It was one of the first warm days of spring.
Ursa nursed and fell asleep.  I put here down in the grass, and snagged the moment to do some yoga. I've been doing yoga for many years now. It evolved out of stretching for sports in high school- it always felt good to limber up. At some point I read some books and watched some videos, and began to understand how to take stretching to a new level. I have never taken a paid class. I have joined a couple free ones while traveling. I have allot more to learn, but for more the 7 years I've done yoga a couple times a week at least.

When I was pregnant with Saule that increased to a couple times a day, stretching out on hostel and forest floors all across Central America . We've been doing yoga together ever since, and I'm glad to know this will be a way of life she knows from such a young age.

I've had other moms ask "How do you find the time to do yoga with two kids?" and the answer is,  I multitask. I don't often get time to do deep meditation and yoga all at once in a big chunk any more, but I integrate it into my day and my life.

I do yoga at the playground, or on the bedroom floor all. winter. long.  I do squats while I read aloud, or with Ursa in the ergo. If I find myself waiting, for anything, I do yoga. I do it in public places without shame.  I do the breathing while I nurse, that's when I find the stillness.

Those other moms are right, I don't have time to go to a class, but my life provides plenty of chances to stay fit. Being a full time homeschooling mama, and I'm nursing x2 (never pumping) meaning I never leave my girls and go out (ok-Pollo and I did go to a movie once right before Ursa was born). Still, I don't have any problem finding time for myself with them still in my care- in fact that's how women have lived for thousands of years. I can find peace, calm, and time for exercise without gyms or daycare.

Maybe when I'm older I'll join a class and get some pointers. Or maybe I'll hire a teacher and start a class- that meets at the playground!

After all, who need child care when you've got a little imagination?  Happy kids, happy mama.

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