Saturday, November 2, 2013

Some pictures from Solola market and Dia De Todos Santos

Two girls getting on the boat with a turkey

 The turkey looked like he didnt mind being in the bag. Silly guy....

 The cemetery at Panajachel, Guatemala. They were just getting started when we got there.

 Interesting graves often included information about the persons profession or life.

 This one said "Why don't you stop by for a drink."

 And this one reads "Here lies the king of the clowns."

 This artist was offering his services painting graves.

 Someone left this person a fresh glass of bubbly coke, a bag of chips, and an orange.

The transport to the market to buy flowers for the graves was packed!

I sat with the two girls, a woman, and her turkey and rooster- all in one bus seat.

The market in Salola is at a junction in the road where Mayans from all around meet to sell things. This man is weighing out chilies.
These boys were all stopped watching a Chucky movie on TV.

Iguana for lunch anyone?
Or lamb?
Saule navigates the markets like a pro, and she always seems to draw plenty of attention...
Flowers for the graves
Most kids are worn like this, in a Cargador
More baby wearing
and more chilies....
and a palatable lunch at last

We saw several processions that involved music, drinking wine, and Jesus's of various colors.
and we got our kite! Saule picked it from all the kites in the market- and today we will get it off the ground (we tried last night in the dark but there wasnt any wind!)

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