Thursday, October 10, 2013

Antigua, Guatemala

 We made it to the Antigua and have really enjoyed our few little while here.  There is a nice little hike up a hill that gave us a lovely view of Volcan Agua.
 The girls are having a blast exploring together. Saule is leading Ursa into trouble of one kind, and another, which equals all kinds of fun for them both, and LOTS of giggling.
 This is the street we are staying on- right in front of our guest house.
 We have found some really great food since we got here, everything from chicken soup to 1lb burritos. yummmmm
 And a couple great playgrounds.
 And the worlds largest rosary necklace...
 NO trip to Central America is complete without an ice cream in the Central Park.
 Which always has a fountain, that sometimes works.
 Antigua really is a beautiful city, full of ruins and lush green nature reclaiming old buildings and churches. We are very happy to explore here.

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Lina Juodisiute said...

Kerry, everything looks beautiful! I wish I could giggle with all of you - miss you lots!!! Best wishes in your further explorations! :)