Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Real tool use!

Montessori education has some really great ideas about respecting your childs ability and self by allowing them to use real tools- 

"Using real, child-size tools and materials will engage your young child. Using real tools, not play or pretend ones, lets them know that they are working just as an adult. It doesn’t negate their experience by putting it into the realm of make-believe. Real tools also teach respect and responsibility. They are not to be handled carelessly, but cautiously and carefully."

Saule really does love having her own real "tools", which in our house includes not just craft tools, cleaning tools, art tools, but also other trade tools as well.  She is very careful and responsible when using them, and tried hard to master them quickly. She has several sets of tools that we have put together for her reasonably inexpensively. she really enjoys.

For Christmas we made Saule a real Dr. kit, after being inspired by "Play at Home Mom"  

She quickly went to work helping Peter Rabbit who had eaten way to many radishes. 

Our set, which we put in a upcycled box with a clasp and handle, included:
A small notebook 
trifold bandage
Ace bandage
Several empty medicine bottles
Magnifying glass
Measuring tape

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