Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ursa Luna's UC Birth Story, A little late :)

At about 10am on the 21st of April I knew it was going to be the big day. We went out for a nice walk and Saule rode her pink bike. It was a beautiful day so we spent it outdoors, playing in the yard. We blew bubbles and played castle and dolls and played in the lake with our nets. I made sure to eat well all day, did yoga on the dock, and we all had another nice sunset walk after dinner. Saule didn't want to go, but when I told her it was important to help the baby come, she was excited. She brought along a bunch of guidebooks and identified Periwinkle on her own in the stroller as we walked. When we got home we made popcorn and joked it was for the birthing show. Saule was so excited se ran around the room throwhing papers in the air yelling "Yipppie! I'm throwing papers!"

Around 9:30 i was having some light contractions and wanted to get Saule to sleep so I could focus more. I lay down and tried to nurse her, but that really got things going. After about 10-15 minutes I called Pollo in to be with her, and started filling the pool in the living room. By this point contractions were strong enough I had to focus when they came and I started using the birthing ball. Saule couldn't sleep so she and Pollo joined me again in the living room. Pollo had set the camera on a tripod and Saule had the remote, she was taking pictures and counting them like the count from sesame street. 

Contractions were close and strong by this point so as soon as the pool was ready I climbed in. I was having some back labor and the pool helped allot as did Pollo putting pressure on my lower back. Saule caressed my arm and told me she loved me. The room was lit by candles and was so peaceful and quiet. To be surrounded by just people I love, in my birth space, just how I wanted and had envisioned was a wonderfully relaxing feeling. Outside it was raining for the first time in weeks. I felt like a mother bear in her den, no one but my family knew we were there or what we were doing- my secret, undisturbed.

At 12:30 I felt the babies head moving down and started my body started pushing. I followed my bodies cues and didn't add any extra power to the surges, I wanted to be as gentle to my body and the baby as possible. Saule and Pollo joined me in the pool and after 10 minutes and about 4 more contractions I felt her head being born. As her head was born my bag of waters broke, just the same way it had  with Saule. 

I asked Saule if she could see the baby she said she could. "Look at all the hair!" Pollo exclaimed. I could feel the baby turning her head back and forth, rotating her shoulders, and finally with another contraction she pushed upwards with her legs- our bodies working in perfect concert- she was born smoothly into the water. Saule and Pollo caught her little squiggly body and handed her to me. What an amazing rush of love and excitement! Saule told me it was a girl, we all kissed and hugged, heaven! Ursa Luna was with, earth side at last at 12:44am on April 22, 2012.

We all got out of the pool and moved to the couch. We snuggled and watched as she looked back at us. These moments were magic. Saule kissed her, and spoke soft words in her ear. We were all just in awe, holding her and looking at each other, kissing and smiling. 

After half an hour my placenta delivered, and a half hour later Saule cut the cord. She had been excitedly waiting for this moment for months- and she put on her big sister shirt right after which reads "I caught the baby, I cut the cord".

Saule and Ursa are both nursing great, my milk has come in and there is more than enough for them both (and then some!) It seems like the transition to two nurslings was happening the entire nine months, they long ago learned how to share my lap and snuggle together. 

This was truly the perfect birth, exactly what I had hoped for. I had no soreness or tearing, the baby was born alert and healthy, happy and into loving the loving arms of her family. Saule was able to participate as much as she liked in the comfort of our home. Pollo was my support and love, like a strong tree rooted and grounded and keeping me there too. Another wonderful beginning. 

But what about the name? 

Saule knew for my entire pregnancy that this was going to be a girl baby. She also insisted that this baby was going to be a "moon bear" baby.  We trusted her, as she had very strong feeling about this, and she was correct. Ursa had a visitor come shortly after her birth, and look in our wide open front door- a young black bear. 

Now I have my Sun and Moon. 

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lovely :) thanks for sharing! what a beautiful family xxx