Monday, September 9, 2013

Summers in a nutshell.

With the weather starting to cool down here in Windham, NY and the leaves starting to turn, its looking like our summer is coming to close and fall is fast approaching. As always blogging gets put on hold when the weather is nice and life is full of many lovely things to do.

We hit a bunch of ag. fairs this summer and had couple of really nice BBQ's with friends and family. Several days each week we would venture to Windham path to hike and bike. There was an outing to the city to see the sights, and some pony rides at nana and pappys house. And several homeschool gatherings. Mostly we spent our time here in our yard, enjoying the summer days, building our own little Erie canal in the drive way (and visiting the real one). We picked blackberries, raspberries, and flowers along our lovely little driveway, and made daily observations as the seasons turned from early spring all the way through until todays crisp fall morning. The hummingbirds came, and have now gone again. The milkweed bloomed, and now turned to seed.

We spent a few nice weeks at the Cape, where Saule turned 5. She learned to swim under water, made lots of friends, and chased crabs up the beach. She skinny dipped with Tete under a full moon. Ursa seemed to appreceate the small things in life like mud, sand, leaves, flowers, bugs, and birds.

And of course an epic carnival in Provincetown, MA. 

Dora- our ever faithful companion was always with us, never far from the kids day and night. She has become an ever present friend for us all.
And then all of a sudden, there were yellow school buses again. Zoom Flume water park was closed. The streets are empty here in Windham, leaving most of the trails for us to enjoy in solitude- just us and the remaining critters. Wondering if our little bear is headed towards hibernation soon?

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