Monday, September 23, 2013

And the best toys award for the summer go to.....

This summer was full of great sticks, rocks, plenty of mud puddles, and some great pine cones, but in the "toys we had to purchase department" our newly started collection of animal calls came in first place for best toys of the summer. 

It all started with a couple of turkeys that wandered into Nana and Pappy's gardens, and we ordered our first turkey call so Saule could communicate with them. Its hand held, easy to use, makes a variety of turkey sounds, and would probably attract a turkey if it was used correctly and quietly. Saule stalks them around the yard, shaking her gobbler and living in a world of wild things. Its all fun and games for the turkeys and her!

It was so much fun we also invested in two other calls, a deer buck call and a prey/fawn call 

All the calls are easy enough for Ursa to get a sound out. We have gotten endless entertainment out of them in the yard and forest for imaginative play, and living room for parades! We have yet to attract animals- well not real ones anyway. Each call invokes a different kind of fantasy play- you might find a wounded fawn, a flock of turkeys or even a bear!

The selection to be had of animal calls is huge, and a trip to the local sporting goods store revealed a entire range of "hunting" supplies beyond our wildest dreams that could be put to good use in our games. Hunting blinds for bird and squirrel watching, Camo suits that look just like cut grass, tree stands that make an instant and movable tree house, feeding stands to attract deer, salt licks for porcupines, coyote pee the possibilities are endless!

I highly recommend checking out this new and exciting line of "toys" for kids of almost any age, as they are very well made, and can continue to be used to bird/animal watching later on.

Watch Saule and Ursa in the woods here

Of course no game in the woods in complete without a trusty hunting dog! Or a good hiding place in the yard!

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