Monday, August 18, 2008

Another week in Atenas

Well here we are, another few days have past, nothing to exciting is going on here, no this wont be a WE HAD THE BABY post...sorry to disappoint you all...... just enjoying the pool, the animals, the tropical weather.

I gave Pollo a hair cut, it took a few hours to take off a few inches, but after all it doesn't look to bad... ok so it doesn't look to good either but with big blue eyes like those no one will notice if one side is shorter in front....

The Ants keep marching even with Adolpho up all night running around the floor after them. The vultures have decided to move closer and closer to our house, as we get a little lazy about how far we can throw the trash. That's ok, we like to watch them and this morning one was perched right on our razor wire fence sunning his wings. Pollo is the next Steve Erwin and snuk out for a couple really nice pictures. WHAT A BEAUTY!
The watermelon juices and baked goods keep coming, what else are we supposed to do these days other than eat, sleep, and watch the Olympics (which we do every night starting at 3am)? Pollo made an excellent batch of fresh gingerbread cookies (ok so they look like something you might find in a cow pasture but they taste amazing!), and we finished 2 double batches of tapioca and a double batch of rice pudding since the last blog post. But don't worry, we do hike down to the pool everyday to do our laps, i think its the walk back up the driveway that is the best part of the work out, but the pool is fun too!

So life here is filled with good books, good food, and lots of time together in the quiet of nature, which is exactly what we were both praying for this time last year as we got up for yet another morning of work on the cape, and we are grateful for every second here. Although We are increasingly excited for the arrival of chicolini.

Here is a our little house on the hilltop, its very cute and quaint even if it is surrounded by a ten foot tall concrete wall and razor wire fence. There are a few other critters who share our little yard, wish we could show you the giant toads at night and the bats, but its always pouring rain when they come out. Wish you were all here to enjoy it with us.... but don't worry, we will enjoy it for you too!

Miss you all! Sending our love!

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Beth and Will said...

The final countdown is on!!!