Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cow boy parade!

Today was Atenas (our towns) cowboy day! We came into town at 11, waited around for 3 hours in the sunshine in the central park, had a nice lunch and just as the skys opened up the parade started! Yippie-i-o-kia-ay! The horses strut thier stuff, and so did most of the buccaneers in town, we were sad that we didn't have any bo-lo ties or cow bow boots. There was only one rouge rider whose horse jumped into a group of bystanders, but after all everyone walked away happy. Most of the cowboys took their horses to the bar after the show, we headed for an ice cream instead.
The Olympics have started so not being able to sleep is less of a problem now. Pollo and I watched a men cycling event last night, for about 5 hours at 3am. Hope you guys all get time to watch at least one event, forgot how much fun it is. We watched handball this morning, if anybody understands the point of handball please fill me in. Im training for swimming in our pool for the big event, we have the place to ourselves most days.
Guess that's all the news from us. Always love getting emails and comments from all of you! Hint hint!

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