Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well here we are, back in town for more watermelon and ice. Just a few pictures to share. This is our local bus stop. And the main street in town. It has a small market that sells meats and vegis, and a few food stalls that smell great but we havent tried as of yet. Next trip.

These two dogs live in a cage at the bottom of our driveway. They are oh so sweet and i really wish i could steal them to our yard. Any one out there need another dog?

Pollo made pancakes (crepes) from his grandmothers recipe. yum yum were they good! We filled them with hunny and ate them in the early morning sun on our deck over looking the rainforest with fresh ice cold water mellon juice. Need i say more?

This motorcycle was cool, for all you biker dudes reaing this. ANd a noni fruit i picked in our yard, they say its a the CURE ALL of everything. heck.... ill try it... And this picture of the tree is a tree with a hummer in it! Ok a humming bird but he sounds like a hummer! Look close, he is very small!

And yes, there i am bird watching.. tracking our grey necked wood rails....and there is our friendly neighborhood toad, who lives in a cool little root ball near our drive way. She has the right idea for the midday heat.

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