Monday, April 18, 2011

Finding your tribe

I recently posted the following message online, and I am re-posting it here in an effort to attract even more people. We have since started a facebook group called "Copenhagen Alternative Parenting Group". Please feel free to join the group!
 "I'm looking to connect with families that have more in common than just being from someplace other than Denmark and having kids. Its nice to meet other English speakers- but its also nice to have something to talk about :) 

Are you interested in attachment parenting, baby wearing, extended nursing, lifestyles? 

Maybe you like to travel off the beaten path, or have a passion for serious camping/biking/trekking/bungee jumping/etc with your kids? 

Maybe you home school or have considered doing so?

Maybe you dream of living off the grid, or giving it all up and moving into a tee-pee or a bus or a house boat? 

Maybe you raise worms under the kitchen sink, or tomatoes in window boxes, or goats in your backyard?

Maybe you are just feeling like the mainstream is not your stream and are seeking other ideas and fresh conversation?

Or maybe you are really open minded and mesh well with other people seeking the road less traveled? 

If you think this might be you- please email me or join our new facebook group. I look forward to meeting you. "


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