Thursday, April 14, 2011

No dead guy. No candy. Just a spring celebration.

Easter is next week. We aren't going to have candy or an Easter bunny, or talk about religion with Saule during this time.  We are however going to take the traditions we enjoy and create our own families spring celebrations. 

We have been discussing the way the earth is waking up, and have closely watched as the seemingly dead plants are coming back to life. The birds at the duckpond are returning. Flowers are popping out of the mud.   We always have so much fun coloring eggs. Its a great time to do art as a family, and Saule enjoys dipping the same eggs over and over again.

Even with day after day of rain we know winter is over and moods are lifting. We are about a week away from our first indoor harvest of greens, and the other plants are well on their way.  The peas are winding up the strings in the back window,  the potatoes in the livingroom need mounding and water daily.

The eggs took on new shapes as animals this year, we all did a few. We plan to take them to the Deer park on Easter Sunday, and hide them in the woods. We will bring a picnic and enjoy the day outside climbing the old oak trees. I do plan to make an Easter basket with treasures for the day. We will play the Lithuanian egg knocking game,  where each person hits their egg to another, last to crack wins! And we will go on the swings to swing the world back to springtime the way we did in Lithuania, each person takes a turn pushing.

This is our Golden Lion Tamarin egg.

Saules bird egg.

At center is Saule's goat-bird-lion-egg.

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