Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring on the farm

Think shoe box diorama meets window box. Meet, Saule's farm. She has a little barn, a fenced in barnyard, and outer fields. The livestock stay in the barnyard, which is freshly seeded with watercress. The fields have a few onions at the edges, and some other seeds, all planted today so no sprout yet.

We have a nice big dining room table, and this is going to stay our center piece so we can all watch it grow. While we worked on it we talked allot about farm animals and how a farm works. About manure and what crops need to grow, and different kinds of livestock and what they contribute. We sang "Old MacDonald had a farm".  We learned about pest control  and made scare crows. Talked about how dirt is made (we started this 2 weeks ago and have been hooked on worms and dirt ever since). I really like this project and it seems like a things grow we will have plenty to talk about. We will be able to harvest our crop of cress when its ready (this is VERY fast growing so good for Saule's age), and then we can move through the seasons on our tiny farm, and maybe plant something new "next spring"!  Oh, and did I mention the materials are mostly recycled! An old box cut and lined with a grocery bag makes the base. Cardboard scraps from the same box make the barn and fence. The animals were cut from an magazine. Everything was covered in clear packing tape to prevent the water on the plants from ruining it. Add dirt and seeds and its ready.


Thom Schwarz said...

This is the most creative, and probably rhe most fun, thing you've invented yet! Ant Farms? Pfffft!
That's even the perfect name for this; Spring on the Farm.

andrea chiu said...

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Leslie Lim said...

I would like to share it with all my friends and hope they will like it too.


Silvia Jacinto said...

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