Friday, January 7, 2011

Follow Up Post: Reasons why I LOVE my computer

In response to accusations following my new years resolution post that I "dont like technology", I am here this evening in defence on my MacBook. The virtual umbilical cord that attaches me to my trusty old beat up 'puter is there for lots of great reasons. I shall list a few in case anyone was thinking I was turning into a complete Luddite.

1. My yoga class. Its held on most every night, any time I choose. That means after Saule falls asleep. I like this one in particular-

2. Endless research such as looking for new art projects, collecting information, inspiration, and knowledge. The last few things on my research list have been window box herbs good in low light, lamb BBQ recipe, best kids bike seat, and everglades camping.

3. Music. Saule and I listen to endless  music from around the world, including Lithuania. We also like harps and kids Handplays. If you don't know how to download it (like me) you can just stream other peoples playlists off

4. Dance. Saule and I are experimenting with all types of African dance, ballet, interpretive, tango,  traditional Balinese you name it. The key to this is you have to dance along with them.

Here are some sellections Saule enjoys from Youtube:
Bagpipe, Didgeridoo, Belly dancers, drumers!
Pendet Dance- Kids from Bali 
Massai Dance
Vomaseve Dance Mix

5. Phone calls. We can talk for free over the Internet. Saule gets to speak Lithuanian to all her family and friends overseas WITH video which means she knows every face!

6. Finding local (and not so local) events ranging from festivals to story time at the library.

I am sure there are lots of other things I use my computer for. Maybe those give you a few ideas of fun things to do with yours. Have one to share with me? Please send it!

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Lina said...

For me the most important thing why I need my computer is FILMS! I cannot imagine my life without it.. :D And of course stuying stuying and studying! :)