Sunday, January 30, 2011

Denmark Day 1

Best discovery of the day:

On our trip to the shop today I discovered the most affordable cheese on the shelf is double creme french brie, at $4 per pound. Oh BOY! Saule had mac and cheese with brie for dinner and loved it. I just had brie on "Viking" brand bread (which by the way taste how you would imagine). Its 1A.M. and we are all still wired on NY time . Pollo starts school in the morning.

Worst discovery of the day:
A forth floor walk up in Denmark is a fifth floor walk up in NY.  Don't forget floor #0 is ground level. But don't worry, this solves any potential problems caused by excess brie consumption.

 My favorite quote of the day "What one lacks in brains they make up for in muscle."
(Our landlady forgot the contract in our apartment and had to come back up to get it- its a fifth floor walk up)

Coming soon, a name that strange Danish appliance thread. Stay tuned.

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Bethany and Will said...

Yay! You are in Denmark! I am looking forward to your new adventures and I am over the moon excited for you! We all need to take a trip to Norway together this summer or fall. I'll keep you updated ;-)