Saturday, January 29, 2011

"I am flying!"

Saule loved flying this time. She really got excited starting about a month ago, and was looking forward to it. She told us over and over she was excited. When we got on the run way and started to move, she put her hands in the air and yelled "I am flying! HERE WE GO! YIPPIE!"

Our flight was booked with Iceland Express which turned out to be a true budget airline. The only thing you can get for free in flight, is ice. There is a $2.50 charge for a small (tiny) bottle of water. They also had an in flight movie available to rent- in Icelandic language. There were several duty free offers from the sky mall including a single toast with a single slice of smoked lamb for $7.90. Luckily we had a sub at the airport and packed lots of snacks for Saule.

They do have really flexible flight terms though, and they didnt balk at our huge excess in luggage. So I guess I cant really complain. 

As far as Saule was concerned, we were flying first class! She had her OWN window, her OWN ticket, and all kinds of special treats and toys. She watched "Dora" on Tete's computer and fell asleep. She slept through Iceland and woke up in our final decent into Copenhagen.

Tomorrow we move into our new flat.

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Thom Schwarz said...

Wait a minute! You said she slept all the way till your descent into Amster-- er, Copenhagen??? Don't ever bother buying a lottery ticket again, 'cause you just used up a life-time of Good Luck! I'm grateful it went so smoothly, and that all your endless packing and deciding and re-deciding and preparing paid off in spades (and sleepful hours). God bless Tete and Mommy, God bless Dora and Doots, God bless Joey and...I can't think of her name! How quickly we forget...
Star was sniffing the high chair this morning...