Monday, January 31, 2011

Danish unknowns.

It seems like when ever I move someplace new there are lots of new things to learn. Language is the most obvious and I admit I have done little to learn any Danish yet. Its just that between my ongoing Lithuanian project, and Danish words like "Speciallægepraksisplanlægningsstabiliseringsperiode" and "Konstantinopolitanerinde" which are real words (some how It seems like allot of Danish sounds like that) I haven't found the motivation yet. Although I am sure after a few outings in the city I will find motivation enough.....

So here it is, the start of my strange Danish stuff thread. I am sure all of these things have very useful purposes, I'm just not really sure what they are. Maybe you know? Most were found in the kitchen.
Really sleek Tupperware?

This one really has me guessing. 

Bug zapper? Kept in the kitchen....

OK- please help me make some sense of these oven controls. 

One of our cook books. 

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Colleen said...

I can help with the violet tupperware thingy. I believe that is for a half of a tomato or onion. Rather than throwing it out, you put it in that tupperware. The hook thing is so that you can hang is from one of the shelves in your fridge.
Did I get that right??